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    Impact Through Sports
    The overall focus of CSP is to help our partners develop a proactive and consistent approach to achieving their vision and mission, focusing on core activities and prioritizing and leveraging resources.
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    New and Unique
    Sports Events
    Analytical approach to understanding the drivers of value in a sports events and helping create effective and sustainable strategies for event creation.
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    Planning and Support
    Sports Tourism
    30+ years of experience in studying tourism and event trends and providing insights to take communities to the next level.
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    Planning & Operations
    Sports Facilities
    Leveraging the learnings from overseeing the busiest sports complex in the world to provide operational and process improvements. What to build and how to operate is our core competency.
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    Planning & Operations
    Sports Tourism
    Connecting people through sports and creating an unique experience for the athlete. Developing sports turism events across the United States and creating a positive impact in the local communities.

Our services

Organizational Strategic Planning

Clancy’s Sports provides organizations focus and a roadmap. Shifting from tactical thinking to strategic visioning is difficult while you are in execution mode. Our approach is simple: define your primary purpose(s), understand your capabilities, design the organization for success and hold people accountable to clearly aligned goals. Setting vision is easy, but staying tethered to the vision requires setting the right processes that ensure cultural alignment.

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Event Management

Clancy’s Sports provides organizations access to a myriad of expertise from across the country with access to some of most seasoned leaders who have worked on Super Bowls, Final Fours, large scale road races as well as leveraging the deepest understanding of the grassroots sports' movement. Broad based experience allows for thoughtful insight into ensuring every event has the potential to feel like it is a ‘World Cup’ event while driving meaningful results. The ability to create properties, attract them, or simply just put the structure and processes in place to manage every or any aspect of an event, Clancy’s is a solution.

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Sports Tourism

Clancy’s Sports was initially established to support sports commissions, Convention & Visitor Bureaus and government agencies alike in optimizing their sports offerings in a community, developing and packaging them effectively to specific target market needs and ensure maximum participation. Our network and extensive industry knowledge, ranging from feasibility studies to facility design and operations includes experience with some of the most recognizable event properties and sports facilities in the U.S.

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Sports Facilities

After being involved with creating or hosting over 2500 events over 30 years, in 60+ sports and over 3M athletes, we understand how a facility should be built, what amenities are important and most importantly, how to maximize the revenue for facility and the market that it is in.

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About Us

Why Choose Us?

Who are we? What we do?

The Orlando-based company is a sports consultancy company specializing in strategic planning, organizational design, event programming, sports tourism initiatives and facility assessments, all of which drive economic vitality to communities.

Clancy’s Sports is a Florida based LLC which was founded in May of 2014 by former Walt Disney World executive, Mike Millay.

As the Director of Business Development for ESPN Wide World of Sports complex, Mike was one of the original and remains the longest-tenured executive of the complex. As the initial Executive in the development and execution of the business strategy, his roles included providing leadership insights into facility design, business processes, client negotiations, event management, sponsorship and marketing.

In addition to Fortune 100 corporate experience, Clancy’s Sports is influenced by Mike’s non-profit sports background as he helped create that Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation serving as its first executive director for almost 7 years and helped drive the formation of the National Association of Sports Commissions (NASC) serving as its chairman for 2 terms. He is active with several local and national sports non-profit boards such as the Greater Orlando Sports Commission, the DeVos Sports Business Management Program and Ohio University’s Sports Management Program.

Mike Millay
Gustavo Costa

Gustavo's skill set extends from project financial management to "Games Day" operations. With a background in the mining business, Gustavo was invited to join the Rio2016 Summer Olympics LOC, where he played a crucial role at the Results Services functional area. Gustavo was responsible for 17 Olympic venues and 10 sports. Also, as a team member, he lead internal initiatives related to human resources and team building, workforce planning, and participated in the Power / Energy planning committee.

As a firm believer in the power of sports to change people's life, and using sports to improve community health and wellness, Gustavo joined Clancy's Sports to lead Strategic Planning projects and Sports Tourism projects. Gustavo is well connected within the Brazilian endurace community and has developed Sports tourism events related to endurance sports.

Graduated from the University of Central Florida, with a degree of Sports Business Management from the DeVos program, he is passionate about innovations and technology.


What Customers Say


"Mike Millay is a true visionary and problem solver. He examines a situation and visualizes a great long-term solution. But, having said that, he's always ready to roll his sleeves up and dig into the immediate short-term, ground level solution. Over a relationship of 20 years, Mike has been a pleasure to deal with - always professional and personable even in difficult circumstances."

Jon Butler - Pop Warner Executive Director

“There may not be a more knowledgeable person in the amateur sports space than Mike. He has such broad sports and event experience working with the Olympic family, the collegiate space, and all grassroots sports….yet he also has experience with the professional leagues, broadcast and the facility design space….he’s just a very unique and qualified sports leader.”

Don Schumacher - Former Executive Director of the National Association of Sports Commissions

Since its inception in 2002, the Greater Columbus Sports Commission has grown from a two-person team to a staff of 12 and has booked more than 500 new sporting events. Early in the organization’s history, we trusted Mike Millay and Clancy’s Sports to help us implement new tools and procedures that would take the Sports Commission to the next level and ultimately, help us achieve the success we experience today. Mike and his team are skilled professionals that understand the industry and value the partnerships they build. I highly recommend Clancy’s Sports.

Linda Logan, Executive Director - Greater Columbus Sports Commission

Clancy’s really helped us totally rethink our mission, vision and organizational structure. Their (Mike’s?) process led our board of directors, key stakeholders and staff through a thorough strategic discussion which resulted in shifting our mindset on our organizational design and staffing alignment. Clancy’s impact is seen every day in how we operate our business.

Kathy Nelson, President & CEO - Kansas City Sports Commission

Mike’s 20 years of sports facility operational experience was critical as we conducted our feasibility study for facility expansion in the market. Mike has a unique balance with his programming insights, facility management experience as well as understanding of functional facility design.

Mike Guswiler, President - West Michigan Sports Commission

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